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Find out the latest news about cycling in the City of Luxembourg.

Temporary Station Closure: 5 - Place de Paris

Station number 5 "Place de Paris" will be closed for the entire period of the Christmas Market, until december the 23rd.

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Over 1.5 million rentals!

2017 has got off to a flying start for Vel'oH!
The Luxembourg bike-sharing scheme has reached the next milestone, surpassing 1.5 million rentals since its launch.
On behalf of the whole Vel'oH! team, we would like to thank you all for this fantastic result.

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Cycling lessons for adults

Have you never learnt to ride a bike? Do you want to learn now? In that case, we can help you!

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Business Formulas

Business Formulas

To facilitate the disposal of annual subscriptions of Vel’oh for their employees, the city of Luxembourg developed 2 formulas with advantages for everyone.

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National Holiday

4 vel'oh will be closed because of festivities organized in relation to the Luxemburgish National Holiday.

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Vel’oh! – station 13 „Gëlle Frau“ closed

The vel’oh! – station number 13, called also „Gëlle Fra” will be closed from Tuesday, 21st June, 2 pm until Wednesday, 22nd June 7 am because of the protest march announced for the 21st June. Thank you for your understanding.

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“Piscine Bonnevoie” station transferred

Since a higher potential of use is expected in the surroundings of the Rotondes and following a rather low attendance of the station “Piscine Bonnevoie” rue des Ardennes, the City of Luxembourg decided to move this station to the rue des Gaulois.

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Inauguration de la station vel’oh ! « BGL BNP Paribas Kirchberg »

Ce mardi, 11 mai 2010, François Bausch, premier échevin de la Ville de Luxembourg en charge de la mobilité, et Eric Martin, Responsable Pays BNP Paribas et Président du Comité de direction de BGL BNP Paribas, ont inauguré officiellement la nouvelle station vel’oh ! « BGL BNP Paribas Kirchberg » en présence de Thierry Schuman, membre du Comité de direction de BGL BNP Paribas et Responsable Pays Ressources Humaines. Cette inauguration fait suite à la signature, le 16 décembre dernier, d’une convention entre la Ville de Luxembourg et BGL BNP Paribas dans le cadre de laquelle la banque s’était engagée à prendre entièrement en charge la mise en place de cette station.

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Partnership between the City of Luxembourg and the European Court of Auditors

All members of the institution's staff to receive a free "jobkaart vel'oh!"

On Friday 16 April 2010, Paul Helminger, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, and François Bausch, Deputy Mayor with responsibility for mobility, signed an agreement with the European Court of Auditors, represented by Secretary-General Eduardo Ruiz García, in the presence of Vítor Caldeira, President of the ECA, and Henri Grethen, the Member for Luxembourg. By virtue of the agreement, a "jobkaart vel’oh!" is to be provided to all officials and other staff of the institution.

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Vel’oh!’s second anniversary

Luxembourg City’s self-service bicycle-hire system now two years old

On 21 March 2010, the vel’oh! system of bicycles available for public hire in Luxembourg’s capital city celebrated its 2nd birthday, and the date will also mark further extensions of the network. In order to meet the great demand from users who wish to get around all areas of the city by vel’oh!, the network is being extended into two additional districts, Gasperich and Weimershof. There will be seven new stations, meaning that from this month onwards there will be 54 stations making available a total of 496 bikes.

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