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To locate the vel'oh! stations, download the online map and plan your journey !

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general conditions for users  here


You've read the user’s guide but still have some questions about the service. vel’oh! can answer all your questions about the stations, the subscription system and the bicycles.


If you'd like to find out more about the rates or the deposit, vel’oh ! provides a detailed explanation about the subscription system.


What purpose do the parking terminals serve? How do I lock my bicyle? The frequently asked questions section tells you about the stations, how they work and about the design of the bicycles.

General questions

What should I do in case of theft or in case of an accident? In the frequently asked questions section, you can find out about all the steps you should take in case of a problem.


To subscribe, download a form online now ! Hotline: 800 611 00

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 Call-a-bus, the bus on demand